Botox® To Soften Deep Forehead Lines

Forehead Lines : (Frontalis Muscle)

The forehead muscle runs vertically and when expression lines are made the skin buckles creating parallel grooves and wrinkles going horizontally across the skin. Forehead lines are not necessarily a sign of aging, as they can start appearing in your late teens. However, with constant facial expressions these lines will be noticeable at rest and eventually get deeper over time turning into permanent forehead lines giving us an aged or weathered appearance. The forehead muscle allows us to raise our eyebrows and skin on the forehead, therefore we never want to over-correct this area as it can give you that "frozen" look. As well if too much Botox® is injected or it's not correctly placed your brows may feel heavy. An artistically minded nurse or physician will also be able to give you a look that is refreshed and natural that softens if not eliminated those forehead lines. Remember if you start your Botox® treatments before the lines get too deep you can actually reverse them. This area is very affordable as it usually only requires a small amount of Botox®.

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