Robyn's Clients : in Their Own Words

Hi Robyn,

I am very happy about the results. I actually feel more like myself (which seems like an odd thing to say), but I was starting to feel like the face in the mirror wasn't reflecting how I felt on the inside. Also, having young children at an older age - I just don't want to be categorized as the "older mom" - I just want to be "one of the moms". Now when I look in the mirror, I don't have that feeling of "what cream can I get to take care of that problem...???", I just feel like I can moisturize and protect my skin, and get on with my day.

I am very thankful to have been referred to you!!

I'll email you again soon for a future session (I can't wait for the forehead to kick in!).


Dear Robyn

To say that my PRP plasma treatment was unbelievable and exceeded my expectations would be an understatement! Although I have had wonderful results from filler treatments at your clinic, nothing could have prepared me for the immediate results of PRP – and it has enhanced as time goes on!

Perhaps The Best Way To Really Describe The Results Is To Share Several Stories With You :

  • I was visiting with a friend whom I had not seen in over a year. She kept looking at me and saying how absolutely wonderful I looked –it almost got embarrassing! She even wrote me an email afterwards and again commented "you are looking wonderful!"
  • As crazy as it sounds, men have been opening doors for me a lot lately and saying things like "There you go young lady" and "Let me get that for you Miss." As much as I would like to think that it's simply chivalry making a comeback, now thanks to you, I'm 64 years young and I find the attention absolutely wonderful!
  • I met a friend for dinner – a friend I see every few weeks. She stared at me for quite a while and finally said "I have been meaning to ask you. What is that foundation you're wearing! Your skin looks flawless and supple and positively radiant! It looks like the skin of a twenty-year old! I must buy it! You look amazing!" The "amazing" fact is I wasn't wearing ANY foundation at all!

Robyn, I can't thank you enough for introducing me to the PRP plasma treatment. In your talented and creative hands, the treatment has given me a wonderful, fresh and new appearance. And I no longer have to open doors! Thank you so much!

Most sincerely

Linda S.

From L.

"Robyn you have the hands of an angel, no bruising. I absolutely love my lips, and I'll see you again soon.

I also wanted to let you know that no one has noticed. I have done my lips, they just stare at me and tell me I look great, and when I tell them only then is it noticeable! I have passed on your email to so many clients I wish I took some business cards."

From K. Re "Injector Extraordinaire"

"I just wanted to express my extreme gratitude for the treatments I have received from you over the past several years. Your incredible knowledge about "reading the face," and your gentle, deliberate touch has kept time at a standstill. My friends agree.

Filler injections are an art. You are only as good as your injector. Thanks Robyn - my secret weapon!"

From N.

"Robyn Vandermoor introduced me to Botox and Restylane and I'm so glad that she did. Her goal is to keep you looking natural and rested, never overdone. Robyn wants you to look your very best and, thanks to her expertise, I know that I do."

From S.

"I have been a client of Robyn's for almost 3 years now and she is the only person I trust to do my Botox and filler injections.

As a make-up artist myself, I understand and can dissect a face in much the same way a nurse-injector can. The success of these fillers doesn't necessarily lie in the actual product but in the skill and esthetic artistry of the nurse-injector.

Robyn has an astute understanding of the face and how much product one needs and where to place it. So you never leave looking over-done but instead you leave looking like a better, fresher version of yourself."

From M.

"I am a 50+ yr old client of Robyn's in need of a little cosmetic 'help' and have had Botox and some fillers done by her. I was pleasantly surprised to have very little pain in the procedures, as Robyn has a very gentle touch and kept me informed as to what she was doing during my treatment.

Even though I bruise easily, I had very little bruising and no swelling immediately after the treatment because I believe she takes her time with each treatment along with the use of ice during the procedure to minimize any marks. I am pleased with her availability for appointments, as well, as I do not work traditional hours. Her pleasant manner and professional treatment allowed me to enjoy the experience as well as the outcome."

From F.

Robyn - I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing job you did on my eyes. I LOVE them. I look so refreshed and youthful!

From J.M.

Fyi, my face looks awesome. not a wrinkle or crease .... wow!

From R.C.

After receiving filler to address my dark circles and the hollows under my eyes I had 3 people the following day comment on how rested I looked and asked what fountain of youth I was drinking from! They noticed I looked really good but they didn't know what I had done, when I told them what I did they were very surprised how natural it looked.


Everything looks great, I am so happy with my eye hollows, they're gone!

Thanks again, it really does look forehead is awesome!!


"As a satisfied client, my reasons for using the professional services of Robyn Vandermoor are as follows :

A. She uses the most reliable and Health Canada-approved products under the supervision of an MD, Dr. Jugenberg

B. She is very careful to chart and discuss not only past services but also to re-discuss past treatments and how this would affect future procedures.

C. To date, all her work performed on me has been painless and careful, and every part of the experience was discussed prior to the treatment.

D. Robyn will do research on your behalf, investigating products or treatments without pressuring for a booking; that in itself is one of the reasons I continue to be a client.

E. Robyn insists on ethical practice. She thrives on the policy that honesty is best, even if it means referring a client elsewhere for the client's well being. I attest to the fact that I not only look far better than before, but must also mention I feel the confidence that I need to further excel in my own career."

Hi Robyn!

I'm too excited not to email lol, thank you so much! Seriously, I love my eyes! They look million times better :)

I think I definitely will be doing a touch up soon, just to make it super perfect! I'll let you know how the botox is coming along!

Again, thank you! I feel amazing! You were so gentle! :)

From M.

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