Lip Filler Injections in Yorkville

For Thinning Lips, Deflated Lips, Wrinkled Lips

Lips were one of the very first areas in aesthetic medicine to start getting plumped up. Today it is still one of the most highly sought after procedures.

Lips are a fabulous area to restore volume to! As we age our lips start to deflate thus causing thinning lips and along with that you get wrinkled and lips that start to disappear into the background because YES—your lips also age.

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I find lips are such a touchy topic in my practice for newcomers that are considering lip fillers. I believe there is such a stigma around lip fillers, many people think well if you get lip fillers you're going to end up walking out with these massive overinflated lips that you can see coming a mile away. Maybe you have seen those horribly over inflated lips on T.V. or in a magazine or perhaps at your local grocery store, unfortunately yes there are a lot of those lips out there. Perhaps that was the desired look the client requested or maybe the cosmetic injector was simply overzealous!

I can assure you the over inflated fish lips will NOT happen at Refine Cosmetic Clinic. I do not care for that look and do not wish for anyone I treat to ever look like that. My work is precious to me and I take pride in beautiful results—not obvious results.

Lips can be so beautifully done! Think of it as simply restoring your lost volume or adding the littlest amount to give your lips just that little bit of plushness and gentle pout.

In my opinion there are a few key facets to achieving a stunning mouth:

  • Art of the assessment: a crucial part of injecting the lips is a proper assessment. What's the natural volume, what's the shape, are the lips symmetrical, do they naturally stick out, what does your lip look like from different angles and what does it look like when you smile, is there a clear boarder, are they harmonious with the rest of the face?.
  • Product selection: thin delicate fillers to a medium thickness filler is selected according to your natural volume and your desired goal. — I don't use thick fillers on the lips for reasons of safety and natural looking results
  • Technique: There are different injection techniques that can be used to address a lip, some great and some not so great! Some 'techniques' are just fancy wording and gimmicky. My technique is tried tested and true and will leave you with only the most natural looking lips.
  • Frequency of injections: if you're topping up your volume when you notice the previous filler has worn off, then it won't be over inflated however, if you want it done every 3 months then over time yes it may start to look obvious. I will always keep you in check and balance.


Lips are known to be one of the most sensitive areas to have injected as there are a lot of nerve endings and blood vessels there. Don't worry! It's still very comfortable and pretty easy breezy to have done. A lot of clients say at the end 'ok that wasn't too bad at all!' I do a few things to ensure it's as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Most all of these hyaluronic acid fillers contain a small amount of lidocaine which is a numbing agent, so as its being injected it's numbing the area. You will see it's very well tolerated.

Downtime, Bruising & Swelling

It's true that lips are a very delicate and sensitive area to treat and therefore can swell up a bit and prone to bruising seeing there are a lot of blood vessels in the lips. For some individuals don't bruise and barely swell at all and for others, they are swelling up and bruising instantly. A lot of this depends on your intake of any items that exacerbate swelling and bruising such as alcohol, certain medications and vitamins. By avoiding these things 7-10 days prior to injection you can significantly reduce swelling/bruising. Pre and Post Op Instructions.

If you do bruise then like any regular bruise you need to just let it heal and go away. You can apply lipstick/makeup to help conceal if needed. Swelling isn't usually crazy, just a little bit puffy. Lips are one area that can look a little bit obvious to others if swollen a bit so I would strongly suggest that you hold off getting your lips injected within a few days—week before any social events if you're worried others may notice.

Enjoy your beautiful youthful lips again!


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