Filling Hollowed Temples

Hollowing Of The Temples

Most people don't usually recognize that their temples can also show signs of ageing; this appears as deep temples or hollowed temples and can give the face a gaunt and sunken look as well as make the veins in the temple show more on the surface of the skin. Hollowed temples also contribute to a pear-shaped face, causing the harmonious flow of the angles of the face to be more obvious a little unbalanced. This tends to me more obvious on oval, oblong faces and slender individuals.

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This area is quite simply one of the most comfortable areas to have injected as very little to no discomfort is usually experienced during treatment. This area typically takes anywhere from half a syringe to a full syringe on each side, depending on how deep they are. No downtime is required.

Filling the temples does not give you a puffy or rounded temple - it simply takes away the gaunt look in an very natural way. You will still have a nice contoured temple with a slight groove - except now it won't look sunken in.

You will notice the results immediately and be impressed with how natural it looks and how improved the temple area is after just one treatment.

Filler in the temples has a longevity of approximately 9-15 months.

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