Yorkville Botox® Wrinkle Reduction

Botox Soft Lift

Botox® is one of the two components of the popular "soft lift" -- and is a perfect example of non-surgical facial esthetics :

"Vanity is feeling comfortable treating one's image with respect. Knowledge is the means. Beauty is the result."

-Robyn Vandermoor

Botox® 101 : A Welcoming Introduction For Newcomers

You may believe your wrinkles are permanent, but many of them are simply expression lines that will soften and smooth when the affected muscles are relaxed. You're in for a lovely surprise. (...and yes, you can still look surprised; your expressions are not erased, just softened.)

What is it?

Botox® Cosmetic is a medical grade protein prepared from a substance that relaxes muscles when used in very small amounts. It does not numb your skin; there is no loss of sensation. What it does do is temporarily prevent the muscle from having full movement; this allows the skin on top of the muscle to stop wrinkling, and expression lines to relax.

Over time, and without the daily stress of scrunching, Botox® can somewhat reverse wrinkling as the skin relaxes into its previously smooth contours. Botox® is also very much a preventive wrinkle treatment.

Does it hurt?

Botox® is one of the most comfortable treatments, for such dramatic results. You'll feel tiny, brief pinches that have no aftereffects - except beauty. There may be tiny dots for a day or so, or sometimes none at all. It's so comfortable that anesthetic is never needed.

You'll begin to notice smoothing around day 3 and the full effect will develop in about 14 days. Botox® lasts from three to five months. Nurse Robyn will answer all your questions before you choose this popular - and very flattering - treatment.

Botox® As An Art Form

Nurse Robyn Vandermoor fully explains to each patient what Botox® can accomplish, as she's refined her use of the treatment to include many beauty issues other than the familiar crow's feet and frown lines.

Using only fillers to restore volume, and Botox® to smooth features, your image is gently returned to a fresher version of itself.

Here Is A Partial List Of Beautiful Results From This FDA-Approved Substance That's Been In Regular Use For 20 Years :

  • Correcting asymmetry
  • Nasalis : "Bunny" lines [lines in nose from wrinkling]
  • Glabella : Lines between the eyes
  • Masseter muscles : Lower cheeks can be treated for slimming or softening effect on jawline
  • "Orange peel" chin : Soften the dimpling skin and crease on chin
  • Hyperhidrosis : Therapeutic Botox® for excess sweating on underarms, palms, soles of feet
  • DAO depressor angularis oris : Lower "marionette" lines below the lip corners
  • Pretarsal muscle : Mini "jelly roll" beneath lower lashline
  • Gummy smile : Relax the muscle that draws up top lip
  • Periorbital : Crow's feet
  • Perioral : Smokers' lines [vertical lines bordering upper and lower lip]
  • Platsyma muscle : Neck bands relaxed

Refine's use of Botox® Will be a Pleasant Surprise, as it Has Been For Many Delighted Clients.

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