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Botox® To Soften Frown Lines

Frown Lines : (Corrugator & Procerus Muscles)

These are also known as the "angry lines" or "number eleven's". These central frown lines are caused by a group of thick muscles that work to push the brows down and together creating, an angry, mean, and stressed look. A lot of time people aren't even aware they are frowning, as they might be staring at the computer, having a conversation, or just thinking. This is one of the most common areas requested for Botox® as results can astonishing.

With strategic placement of the Botox® it will allow those muscles to lift up and gently separate creating, a soft medial brow lift which makes a person appear more relaxed and friendly. Many people have reported that treating this area reduces headaches caused by constant frowning. Exact placement of Botox® in this area is crucial as this area has potential to cause temporary ptosis (droopy brow/eyelid), an experienced injector will know the exact landmarks and placement. I will assess the position of your brows pre treatment to check for any natural asymmetries, that can be corrected with Botox®.

Certain individuals have a tendency for the tail of the brows to lift really high after Botox® causing a "spock" this is something that I will take into consideration to prevent this from happening. The good news is if it still does happen there are Botox® tricks that can be used to gently bring the brows down. Women typically like to achieve a bit of an arched brow in a natural way however, men don't usually look right with an arched brow as their brow position is naturally more straight across. As an experienced injector I will assess each individual for dosing and proper placement.

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