Restoring Volume To Cheeks

For Addressing Sagging/Droopy Face, Hollowed Face, Cheekbones

The cheeks - what a truly fabulous area to rejuvenate! As we age we lose volume to our face and the cheeks are one of the first areas to start showing signs of aging, and this can impact your entire overall facial appearance. And along with the loss of volume goes the loss of structure and support and unfortunately the result is a sagging mid face that starts looking dragged down, and tired.

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You may look back at photos of yourself in your early twenties and you just had that youthfulness to your face, and now something just seems different and maybe you can't quite pinpoint what has changed. Well there is a great chance it's the loss of the apples of your cheeks! This goes for both women and men.

The goal of rejuvenating facial cheek volume with fillers is not to give you a big round over inflated and puffy looking face – NO!! the goal is to simply restore the volume and contours back to the face you had a few years ago. You wont look different - and other people won't notice your cheeks look different but they will notice that you just look great!

For men it's all about adding just a little bit of volume to the area to fill in the hollowed dips that may be looking concaved, sunken-in, and to freshen up a tired look; and for women it's all about adding that nice youthful plushness and restoring the feminine arch to the cheekbones in a very subtle and natural way!

My idea of cheek filler is to simply restore volume that has been lost and nothing more. It is not to give you a look that you didn't have to begin with. That way you will completely look like a younger version of yourself.

I always thoroughly assess your face and look at your natural shape and contours and decide where the filler need to correctly be placed. This is not a cookie cutter approach; every individual is assessed uniquely. You will instantly see the improvement once the treatment is done and I'm sure you will be thrilled!

Cheeks are a very comfortable area to have injected, most of my clients decline topical cream or ice prior to the treatment as they find it's not necessary. The depth and placement of the filler allows the product to last on average 6-15 months. The great thing about filler is you can always add a little bit and see how much you love it and come back another time to add a bit more, if you want to make gradual improvements. There is usually no downtime required for the cheeks as it they typically don't bruise a lot or swell too much.

I am very strategic and meticulous with the placement of the filler along with the appropriate choice of filler, creating the most natural-looking cheeks.

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