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As we age our eyes are one of the very first areas to show signs of aging. The signs of aging are usually noticed under the eyes as: hollows, dark circles, tear trough grooves, sunken lower eye lids, and tired looking eyes.

One of my most sought-after cosmetic injectable areas in my practice to correct is under the eyes; I constantly get inquiries from both men and women wanting to improve their "tired looking eyes"

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Extreme precision and meticulous attention to detail are required to achieve the most natural looking results. Placement of the filler is a crucial aspect of achieving optimal results. A delicate hand that is gentle but firm, will help ensure safety and comfort, and help lessen bruising & swelling. This I can promise you that I am quite cognizant of these key elements.

Eyes are a very complicated and delicate area and should only be treated by someone who is very comfortable and experienced in this area of fillers.

Safety is always Refine Cosmetic Clinic's number one priority and I always take all the time needed to ensure safety and optimal results.

By adding filler such as hyaluronic acid from brands like Restylane, Juvederm, and Teosyal, you can instantly achieve a younger more beautiful under eye area that gives the face a smoother and brighter look.

An experienced injector such as myself will choose a product that is best suited for your skin's needs, I use delicate and specific techniques to give you the best results and avoid lumps, bumps, and unevenness as much as possible. Also for people who have under eye bags, bulges or puffiness the filler will be strategically placed to camouflage the bags and create a smoother more contoured and seamless look.

I will discuss with you ways to prepare for the treatment to reduce risk of bruising and swelling. I always try and make the treatment as comfortable as possible so you have a good experience and feel comfortable during your treatment. The thought of someone putting needles around your eyes can be quite scary—I completely understand and will take the time to explain the procedure as we go along. The actual treatment isn't all that uncomfortable surprisingly, it's always well tolerated even by the most squeamish of people, plus I have a few ways to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for you.

Filler volume under the eyes is one of the longer lasting areas compared to other areas on the face, longevity is typically 6-12 plus months.

The results are very gratifying and often help rebuild one's confidence. The end result shouldn't be that someone notices that your eyes look different, but that you just look refreshed, youthful and simply beautiful! It's not about changing your eyes - it's simply about restoring them to what they looked like a few years ago.

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