Robyn Vandermoor, RPN Aesthetic Nurse, With In-Depth Studies on Facial Injectables

Dr. Robyn Vandermoor

As an esthetic nurse specializing in cosmetic injectable for over a decade, and being in the medical cosmetic industry for the past 16 years, I am very passionate about my work. are my main focus and my specialty - they're all I do", "and having been in the medical cosmetic industry for the past sixteen years",

robyn vandermoor shares the deeply meaningful context for her work in facial esthetics, her exclusive profession since 2003 :

"It broke my heart as a young adult, to read an article about a teen who unthinkably committed suicide-because of constant bullying over severe facial acne. His appearance led to him taking his own life? This should never have happened. I remember thinking that this tragedy was so easily preventable, I decided to pursue medical esthetics, which in turn lead to me completing a nursing program specializing in esthetics."

My Approach To Enhancing Your Face

I meticulously study each and every client's individual concerns, facial anatomy, structure, facial movement, shadows, and contours of the face. With careful examination I can identify small imperfections and correct them in a soft and natural way to achieve the desired outcome.

Every face is unique and presents a different challenge. I then develop a treatment plan that utilizes an array of injectable techniques and tools. I believe beauty needs to be delicately enhanced or restored; and more often, enhancing attractive facial features is about minimizing imperfections, slight enhancements and creating smooth transitions and appealing contours.

After a detailed discussion and understanding of your goals, I use my artistic eye to envision, then develop, a treatment plan. More often than not the plan is a work in progress that we can build on over time. I apply my techniques artfully- where and how the injections need to be meticulously placed to achieve the best esthetic outcome with optimal results.

I believe most clients want an injector whose aesthetic views complement their own and an injector who can help you work towards meeting their beauty goals. It's extremely important to me that each client receives the appropriate time during their consultation and treatment, so we can thoroughly discuss the details and take the time that is needed.

I love to help people look and feel like the best version of themselves. However, what I truly share with my clients, beyond my experience, is the heart and soul that I pour into my work which reflects my love and passion for what I do.

"I truly believe the best way for all clients, both experienced and new, to really grasp what we're doing is through education. I'm not selling, I'm educating. I show my first time Botox clients the muscles of the face, for example, so they clearly understand how Botox works. Again, patient safety is the goal and education and informed choice is the means. Hand-holding is important; "intellect-holding" is just as important."

As a testament to Robyn's uncommon skill, the manufacturer of the industry's leading injectable filler chose Robyn's work to be featured in a national campaign for their product, selecting her client's Before/After profile from cosmetic clinics nationwide.

By continually upgrading her professional skills, Robyn has earned a devoted following of Toronto's more discerning clients, who appreciate her gentle touch and thoughtfully reasoned approach to their goals.

Professional Qualifications

  • Operating Room Nurse (Honors)
  • Registered Practical Nurse
  • Licensed Medical Esthetician
  • C.I.D.E.S.C.O Diploma of Internationally recognized Beauty Therapy School (Comite International d'Esthetique et de Cosmetologie)

Professional Associations

  • CNO - College of Nurses of Ontario
  • RPNAO - Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario

Medical Director Of Refine Cosmetic Clinic - Dr. Ronald Lindzon

Dr. Lindzon is a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. As Medical Director of Refine Clinic, Dr. Lindzon ensures each patient is a good candidate to receive treatment. He reviews medical histories, educating and supporting clients about the procedures they are inquiring about and is happy to answer any questions regarding your treatment of interest. Furthermore, he is available to discusses all potential risks/complications, so you are fully informed prior to undergoing treatment and that you have an opportunity to have all your questions answered and have obtained physician consent.

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