Enhancing the Chin Area with Facial Fillers

Address flat chin, small chin, recessed chin, dimpled chin, shrinking chin

Restoring volume to one's chin is one of those subtle improvements that can make a great difference, that's because it helps balance out the overall shape of the entire face.

Perhaps you use to have decent volume or perhaps you never did, either way by placing a bit of filler to the chin you will see how it instantly improves your appearance. If you use to have good volume but as a result of aging you have lost that nice shape, it can be easily and quickly restored to look just as it was a few years ago. Or, if you always had a small chin and are bothered by how it makes your lower face seem small or un-balanced, then this is the treatment for you! Short of having facial surgery such as a chin implant, nothing compares to the results of chin filler.

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Balancing out the chin can also take emphasis off the nose making the nose appear less prominent.

NO - it won't be pointy or big, it's just enough in just the right places to create a nice improvement and balance.

Filler in the chin lasts a pretty long time, on average 12-15 months.