Robyn Vandermoor
Robyn Vandermoor, RPN
"As an aesthetic nurse, I truly understand how to refine aesthetics within the boundary of the believable."


Dr. John R. Coutts BSc., MD, CCFP
"As a medical doctor, I believe that a medical specialist's opinion is valuable even in non-surgical procedures."


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Welcome to "the art of the believable"

[Specializing in Facial Injectables - Botox, Fillers, and PRP]

For those seeking an artfully believable result, Refine Cosmetic Clinic is Toronto's new facial aesthetics clinic focusing on non-surgical injectable treatments such as Botox® and injectable facial fillers.

Refine is owned and managed by Robyn Vandermoor. Robyn is an experienced, highly-qualified, and artistically minded esthetic nurse. This means that Refine's clients receive the superior skin care they insist on, and the professional, safety-focused results they demand.

Advanced Botox® Areas

In the right hands, and with the right eye, Botox® can do much more than soften the wrinkle between the eyes. Through her years of training and experience, Robyn has attained the knowledge and skill to correct a variety of facial conditions pertaining to refinement of facial wrinkles.