Latisse® Eyelash Growth

Seeking Thicker, Longer, Darker And More Beautiful Looking Lashes? Then Latisse® Is For You!

If you have thin, sparse, or short lashes or if you’d just like to boost your already gorgeous lashes, please ask us about Latisse®. Latisse® is the first and only FDA and Health Canada approved prescription that is designed to enhance your own lashes. Latisse® is a special formula that targets the eyelash growth cycle and allows your own lashes to grow out longer, fuller and thicker.

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How Does Latisse® Work?

The active ingredient in Latisse® is Bimatoprost, a medication used to treat glaucoma (under the brand name LUMIGAN – Allergan manufacturer). Bimatroprost has been found to prolong the length of the growth cycle of a hair follicle, known as the anagen phase. As well It also increases the number of actual hairs growing. When patients were treated with LUMIGAN, physicians found that not only did it effectively correct the incidence of glaucoma, patients noticed a lash growth side effect, with longer, lusher eyelashes appearing fuller over time – and thus Latisse® was born.

Latisse Eyelashes

When Does The Magic Start To Happen?

While you may notice a remarkable improvement within a few weeks of use, the full results are achieved around 16 weeks of consistent use. Because every hair on our body eventually will naturally shed after a specific period of time, you'll have to continue to use latisse® to maintain the results over time.


Allergan's Clinical studies show by the end of four months, lashes were:

  • 25% longer
  • 106% fuller
  • 18% darker

How Much Will Latisse® Cost?

The cost of Latisse® is $200 for a 5ml bottle.

Instructions for use and details pertaining to Latisse® will be provided during a complimentary consultation.

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