Consultations At Refine Clinic

Successful Treatments With Great Results Start With A Thorough Consultation

At Refine Clinic we allow a considerable amount of time for your consultation, which then forms the basis for creating a customized treatment plan.

A thorough consultation is in the best interest for both the patient and the injector. The consultation process is meant to be educational and to properly inform you of all the details surrounding your treatment. The assessment and discussion of treatment options will take up the majority of the consultation. Once you have expressed your beauty goals, Robyn will look at your face from many different aspects to see the different contours, shadows, symmetry and touch and feel your skin to assess the tone & elasticity. With clear communication we establish a unique treatment plan that is customized towards your beauty needs.

  • An Eye for Detail - Robyn has an innate and trained aesthetic eye for assessing facial balance and proportions. This is extremely crucial for cosmetic injectables as they require not only a skilled hand but also a great aesthetic eye for the best treatment outcomes.
  • Gentle Touch – Robyn provides a soft and delicate touch while administering injections, so that you feel the least amount of discomfort during your procedure. She will spend as much time as needed to make sure you understand what to expect before, during and after treatment and you will never feel rushed.

Your medical history and any past treatment information will be reviewed. Wrinkle relaxant medication such as Botox® or hyaluronic acid fillers are prescription-only medications and therefore, should only be prescribed by a medical professional who holds applicable prescribing qualifications. Refine Clinic's Physician/Medical Director ensures each patient's safety and well-being is a top-priority and that all patients are appropriate candidates for the treatment that they are about to receive. Furthermore, our medical director will thoroughly discuss rare but potential risks associated with each treatment. A physician is a great medical resource with a wealth of knowledge to support all interested participants prior to starting treatment.

Consults are scheduled by appointment only. Consultations are complimentary and it's important to us that you are not rushed and have been provided all the information for you to be comfortable and confident with your decision to consent and undergo a treatment, should you wish to do so.

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