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Non-Surgical Chin Filler Promotion!
Sept 14 - 31st only

$50 OFF each 1ml Syringe of Hyaluronic acid for the Chin

The chin is one of the key feature for an attractive face. By adding volume it can achieve many different positive aspects to the lower face. Here are the main points that chin filler can help you!

  • Chin filler helps define the neck and help the appearance of a double chin
  • If you have a recessed/smaller chin it will build structure and most importantly balance out the nose to chin distance and proportions, especially on profile and silhouette
  • Chin volume connects the chin to jawline for a smoother jaw angle and reduces that little shadow and indent to the jowl area
  • It can add length for those who need a more oval face shape and it adds projection for those who need balance
  • It restores the natural volume we have lost and puts back the youthfulness to lower face
  • Most importantly is creates an overall more balanced looking face

Each person's face is unique and special and therefore the filler treatment is personally customized to suite what you need the most, and what will give you the best look. Different techniques and product thicknesses are used according to your needs.

Promotion Details

*Can be purchased and used for a later date
*Must be purchased no later than Sept 31st 2017
*Cannot be combined with other promotions/discounts
*Promotion is only for the chin, not other areas

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